​About Mille​

A young company building on Denmark’s great dairy industry heritage​

Mille was founded in 2012 and despite the young age of the company, it has already achieved an impressive growth curve in China - the most competitive market within the infant dairy product business.

We are now present in approximately 10,000 shops all over China as the best-selling infant formula brand from Denmark in China, and expect our strong growth to continue in the following years.

Our new 13,000 sqm production facility in Denmark is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from the leading European dairy equipment manufacturers. Our factory is located in the green, environment-friendly countryside 70 kilometers north-west of Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen.


Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.

The Danish way of life places a high value on quality, health, happiness, knowledge and security, which is the essence of what we strive to bring to the consumers.

Food Safety

Denmark cares about milk quality  

There is no doubt about Denmark being at the top of the class when it comes to food safety. Denmark is recognized internationally for its high food safety standards, and we are working vigorously on maintaining and improving the process under which we operate. For generations the people of Denmark have been able to benefit from the nutritious milk. By continually refining the extraction and processing process of milk, we are able to maintain a leading position. 

The characteristics of milk

​There is a huge demand for Danish milk. Due to the good relations between dairy companies and research institutions, which is a highly sought for product. An important entity that contributes to the research of milk is the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (DCA) at Aarhus University. DCA have set forth a plan of how to improve the quality in the future. Read more

The happy cow

​Denmark have for centuries been a society of agriculture, and the cow has played an integral role in its development. In order to suffice premium milk, Danish farmers are prioritizes the well being of their cows. The strong ties between farmers and scientists promote knowledge sharing, which facilitates the ongoing research process of developing methodologies to raise the welfare of Danish cows.   

Environment and Animal Welfare

Knowledge centre for animal welfare

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration founded ViD in 2010 to contribute to Danish animal welfare. 

Read more.

Denmark excels internationally

Danish farmers are doing a tremendous job improving animal welfare. Read more.

Environmental awareness

Denmark is in the forefront of EU countries when it comes to environmental awareness.

Sustainable agriculture and the food sector

The Danish Agriculture and Food Council has recently submitted a draft of how the food sector is able to adjust to the still increasing number of consumers. Read more


Christian Dehlholm



Former head of the Danish Trade Council’s Dep. for Food & Agriculture in China, with a background in the Danish food industry, and more than 15 years of China relations. 

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