Crown Prince Frederik celebrated at Royal Run

​An event for the entire Denmark. Spread out over five cities 70.575 participating runners contributed to the celebrations of Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday. The fourth destination on his route through Denmark was Odense, the hometown of H.C. Andersen. Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel held an opening speech for Royal Run. Amongst other topics in his speech, the Mayor spoke about the importance of embracing a fun and healthy lifestyle. 

As the only city of the five included in Royal Run, Crown Princess Mary part-took in the 10-kilometer distance in Odense, starting 16:35. Her participation was without the Crown Prince, who were running the One-Mile distance starting at 15:40. The complete route of the Prince included four One-Mile runs and finally a 10-kilometer run in Copenhagen.

With a team of well over 40 participants, we traveled to Odense to contribute to the celebrations ourselves. A sunny day filled with lots of joy and happiness, made the perfect scene for a celebratory run through the streets of Odense. 

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